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In recent years, smart pills and supplements are all the rage these days. High school students are desperate to get good grades to get into a good college.

College students want to do well to get a good job. And because of the recent recession, many adults are determined to work two jobs or do well enough so they don’t get laid off.

Because of all the pressure, the sale of smart drugs and cognitive enhancers are increasing. In the old days people tried amphetamines and cocaine, but these were addictive, had severe side effects, and patently illegal.

It’s for that reason that the supplement industry has come up with nootropics, which is a class of medications designed to improve memory, alertness, mental energy, and focus.

And these compounds exist because of the development of Piracetam. This was back in 1964, when a Belgian pharmaceutical company was surprised to discover a compound that seemed to improve mental function while causing no noticeable side effects.

By the 1970s the drug was synthesized and marketed as Nootropil, and today it is still considered among the most important nootropic supplements.

Legality of Piracetam

Let’s start with the fact that the US FDA has not given this brain enhancer its approval for any sort of medical use. It can’t even be sold in the US as a dietary supplement. At the same time, it is legal to buy Piracetam from other countries in Europe, Asia, and South America.

So it’s easy enough to find Piracetam for sale when you go online, which is where to buy Piracetam in the most convenient way. And it’s legal to get them from abroad for personal use.

As long as you limit yourself to a 3-month supply and not buy it in bulk, the FDA won’t consider your supply a commercial amount. Nowadays even some US companies are offering it for sale as well.

What About Safety?

The main benefit of being the first nootropic medication ever developed is that this brain pill is considered the most widely studied brain supplements. Although it is not a household name, for those who have studied and done their research it is considered a very safe drug.

One reason for classifying it as safe is because it is not very potent at all. You need to take hundreds of milligrams to feel its effect.

Compare it to a more modern nootropic such as Noopept, which is recommended at just 10 to 30 mg a day. Noopept is a thousand times more potent.

Piracetam is also one of the least toxic pharmacologically active compounds ever discovered. In fact, its LD 50 toxicity score (the amount required to kill off at least 50% of the people who take it) is actually less than that of caffeine or even table salt.

Even taking 100 times the recommended dosage does not result in an overdose, and that’s the equivalent of a 150-pound person taking 500 grams.

To illustrate the safety of this supplement and the risk of side effects, in one study it was found that the control group which took a placebo reported more side effects than the group which took it.

And here’s another startling finding: In one study, scientists administered a lethal toxin to a group of lab rats, while another group took the same amount of lethal toxin along with it.

The group that didn’t take it suffered a 90% mortality rate due to the lethal toxin. The Piracetam group only had 10% casualties.

Piracetam Benefits

The many benefits have been reported by various studies along with numerous Piracetam reviews written by customers about their own experience.

Like many nootropics, including Alpha GPC, it affects people differently, although its safety is quite well-known and there has never been any report of truly serious Piracetam side effects when taken alone.

It reduces cognitive damage due to substance abuse.

Just like the study that showed that it protected the lab rats from the poison, it has demonstrated an ability to protect the brain from damage due to alcohol abuse or withdrawal.

And some marijuana users have reported that their short term memory loss problems have been greatly reduced.

It can improve cognitive function among the elderly.

A study involving more than a hundred elderly drivers with “reduced reaction capacity” were tested with it in real world driving conditions. Everyone who scored less than 80 on the pretest improved without exception after being treated with it.

Healthy people reported improvements in their cognition.

They were able to memorize more and learn more. Their thought process became faster, and their attention span became greater. It also improved their ability to concentrate.

Others reported greater sensory perception.

Some people swear that it seemed colors became clearer and sounds became richer. There are even reports that it can result in lucid dreaming, which is a state in which a sleeper is aware that they’re dreaming and thus were able to control their dream.

So does Piracetam work?

Apparently, it does even if the FDA hasn’t given its approval.

What is the Best Way To Buy It?

You can buy Piracetam capsules or Piracetam powder, but the important thing is to buy it from a reputable website. After that, you can then just take the capsules with water or mix the powder with a drink such as a nice tea.

As we’ve stated, you’ll need a massive Piracetam dosage to get it to work. It’s best if you’re careful stacking Piracetam with other stimulants or medications because the results can be unpredictable.

For example, many have reported unfortunate effects when taken with alcohol (which you shouldn’t do any way with any type of medication).

Others say that it works well with choline, especial for memory. Minor side effects such as jaw pain, stomach upset, and headaches are rare, but they can be reduced further by the choline.

In any case, you may not be able to notice any effect if you take less than 400mg a day. It’s better to start off with 800mg.

Although when you feel that the dose is not giving you the same effect on later days you can increase the dosage to 1,600 to 2,400 mg. Dosages of up to 4,800 are still considered safe.

Just stop for a week or two if you feel you’re taking too much of it, and then you can start the cycle all over again.