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Choline is not exactly well-known among most people, but it is actually a crucial nutrient that’s similar to B vitamins. You can get it by eating liver, meats, and fish. You can also get choline from nuts, beans, and peas, as well as spinach, wheat germ, and eggs.

When you don’t get enough choline, you may end up with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease after you suffer muscle damage and abnormal fat deposits in your liver. In lab studies, choline shows signs of its importance for normal brain development and for boosting cognitive function.

So at the very least you should get the recommended adequate intake of 550 mg a day if you’re male and 425 mg a day if you’re female.

The average diet should provide you with 200 to 600 mg of choline a day. If you’re not getting enough choline, then you may want to get a choline supplement such as the Alpha GPC supplement.

What is Alpha GPC?

If you decide to take some choline supplements, you may want to buy Alpha GPC. It is a choline supplement brand that’s specifically designed to work as a nootropic or a cognitive enhancer, like Adrafinil brain pills. It was made to cross the blood-brain barrier easily so that the choline goes directly into the brain.

You can buy Alpha GPC powder which is a water soluble compound that’s purified from soy lecithin. It’s a very reputable brand, backed by numerous Alpha GPC reviews attesting to its safety and effectiveness. Many have written about their experiences with brain pills and have seen great results.

When buying choline supplements, you need to ask yourself: is it safe? The answer may not be to your liking if you buy an unknown brand, as the choline supplement may be impure.

How Strong is it?

This product is a potent supplement, so you can start with the recommended Alpha GPC dosage of just 400 mg. It’s best to take it in the morning to start the day or during lunch to prevent any energy flagging in the afternoon. Taking it in the afternoon may cause some restless nights.

Is it Safe?

There are no Alpha GPC side effects because it’s extremely safe, as long as you stick within the recommend dosage range. You can go all the way up to 1,200 mg with no noticeable side effects.

However, if you do go beyond the recommended safe dosages some side effects may occur. Your blood pressure may go down, sweating can increase, and there may be some gastrointestinal side effects. You may also emit a fishy body odor.

These side effects become more likely when you increase your choline intake to more than 7,500 mg a day as an adult.

The Daily Upper Intake Levels (the highest levels you can take that’s not like to cause you any harm) are 1,000 mg for children up to 8 years old, 2,000 mg for children ages 9 to 13, 3,000 mg for children ages 14 to 18, and 3,500 mg for adults.

If you experience any side effects, the likely cause is excessive choline consumption. Simply reducing the dosage should solve the problem.

What Are The Benefits and Uses

This product is a very versatile compound, as it can be used for various purposes. It can be taken on its own, or with other nootropic supplements like Aniracetam capsules. The Alpha GPC benefits include:

Rejuvenating your mental health.

You may be feeling “off” lately, and that may be due to a choline deficiency. It’s estimated that as many as 9 out of 10 people don’t get enough choline, and supplementing your choline intake will likely restore your mental health back to where it should be. It can restore your energy levels and reduce your memory problems.

Improving your work.

According to customers, these brain booster pills cause a noticeable improvement in memory. You can memorize more information and recall them faster and more accurately. You can also improve your focus, and everything will seem clearer. Mood may be uplifted as well.

Alleviating jet-lag.

Jetlag is an unpleasant mental condition that this brain nootropic can counter quite effectively.

Boosting energy levels.

It may be used at work or in school when you experience low energy levels at an inopportune time, such as if there’s an important exam coming up.

Improving workouts.

Some athletes also take it as a pre-workout supplement. It seems it improves the secretion of human growth hormone. This enables athletes to recover more quickly and also train more intensely, which speeds up the muscle building process.

Boosting other nootropics.

Alpha GPC is almost always used as part of a stack, especially when you use racetam nootropics such as Piracetam and other racetam compounds like Aniracetam, Pramiracetam, and Oxiracetam.

It is even used with Noopept, which acts very much like a racetam. The choline boosts the efficacy of the other nootropics and also increases the cognitive benefits you get.

These brain energy supplements are also crucial if your racetam use, results in headaches, because the choline prevents headaches from happening.

With so many possible uses, it may be better to buy larger amount of this product. Alpha

GPC bulk prices may get you some considerable discounts.

CDP Choline vs Alpha GPC

It is a direct competitor of CDP Choline, which is another well-known choline supplement. There is no sure way to tell which one is better for you, unless you test it yourself.

Your reaction may be different from another person’s reaction. So you can try one for two weeks, and then switch to another. Some people use a little of both at the same time.

Both these compounds offer similar results, but they actually work a bit differently. When we consume choline from food, our bodies turn the choline into CDP choline.

That in turn is broken down into Phosphatidylcholine, which helps in the production of acetylcholine. It is this acetylcholine brain chemical that boosts your cognitive functions.

Thus CDP choline is very similar to the choline we consume and is the precursor to Phosphatidylcholine.

Alpha GPC, on the other hand, is a byproduct of Phosphatidylcholine, and is closer to the form of choline actually used by the cells in the body.

Either way, you’ll have to try out both of them to be sure which one is better for you. What’s sure, however, is that Alpha GPC is effective and safe.